Google Talk

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Having had some time to think about our speaker on Google, the talk was as informative as it was scary - to be quite honest. He only touched on the very surface of wha tis going on at the company and I can't even fathom the amount of money that is going through that place.

Is there a number that can represent the amount of money that Google AdSense generates? I'm sure there is, but it has got to be astronomical. Every other porduct that he talked about somehow worked its way back to AdSense (or more accurately, more searches) and I thougth that was really interesting. What happens if someone comes along and is able to challenge them in this venue? Could be interesting.

The thing that bugged me about the whole presentation was how nonchalant he was about the gigantic numbers he was throwing around. I guess my tiny little brain just can't handle that if 1% of Google users download Google Earth then that could potentially mean something like 100 million downloads of Google Earth. That exact number is probably off, but it was just the way that he was talking about so many people so easily.

The other thing that bugged me a little bit was the way that they are releasing their 'cool' things like Google Earth really as just a vehicle for the toolbar. This could be colored by the fact that I hate the toolbar, but it just seems dastardly or underhanded or something like that to me. I mean, if the toolbar didn't exist, would we have Google Earth? I guess you've got to follow the money and there are a million other things that go along with that 'what if' but it is an interesting thing to consider.

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