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So today we talked about RSS feeds. They are something that have obviously been around for a while but I never took the time to learn them. Good thing I took this class!

Step one was to create a bloglines account. Simple enough, you can't really miss it. Step two was supposed to be playing around with the tools. What step two for me actually turned out to be was populating a feed with a couple of personal favorite sites. First to be added was Penny Arcade, a web comic I have been reading thrice weekly for, well I guess five or six years now. Next to be added were a couple of gaming sites that I've heard to have good RSS feeds. Giant Bomb is run by an old reviewer from Gamespot who lost his job there over some integrity matters, Jeff Gerstmann. He always wrote the best reviews and I followed him to his new site. A third site that I added Rock Paper Shotgun who do a pretty good job of keeping me up to date on PC gaming news. Now I can just watch my RSS feed, hurray!

Everything mentioned above I added by hand. These were sites that I follow, or at least follow when I remember to. By adding their RSS feeds to mine, now I've only got one site to remember to check, it works out perfectly.

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