Yahoo Talk

By tmuirtmuir (1228739684|%a, %b %e at %I:%M%p)

The Yahoo talk was… confusing. For me at least. It may be that I am just a lowly engineer and all this talk about integrated ad platforms is just over my head, but I don't think he gave a very cohesive idea of what the he was working on from the get go. I eventually got the picture, but it took me a lot longer to get there than it probably should have.

That being said, it seemed like the idea was a really good one. Because search ads are being dominated by someone so successfully (that being Google of course) why not do something else instead? By providing a platform for both big and small firms to compete for the same ad space it could be very interesting.

Other than that though, I really appreciated his candor and how open he was towards our questions. Getting the insider perspective on what is going on at a big company like Yahoo is always nice. You can't get the full picture from outside, and having someone answer your questions without sugar coating it or just towing the company line and feeding you BS is really refreshing. I appreciated that.

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