The internet is always growing and changing. So is the way that you access it. For the last couple of years, the use of wi-fi networks has becoming more and more popular. Mostly on the home or building-wide level, but lately larger scale wifi projects have been springing up.

Large Scale Wi-Fi Projects

My home county of Oakland County has added a community wide wi-fi network that can be used for free:

As a general strategy, the Wireless Oakland initiative will support consumer-based wireless technologies so the cost for the public to use the internet service is minimized. The first phase of the build-out will be done with wi-fi (wireless fidelity) technology. Migrations to future technology will coincide with their availability in the marketplace.

The city of Houston has also been trying to add city-wide wi-fi. It is proving to be more expensive than they originally planned, however:

In August of 2007, Earthlink, failing to make muni-fi work as an incumbent end-around, gave Houston $5 million for missing build deadlines. Earthlink ultimately walked away from citywide Wi-Fi entirely, but Houston used their money to deploy downtown Wi-Fi themselves.


Comcast has been working on a new more efficient peer-to-peer protocol called P4P.

Specifically, the tests involved a 21MB media file and “iTracker” servers, which provided an 80 percent speed boost for users while heavily reducing the amount of inbound and outbound traffic for the cable provider.

An 80% boost is certainly impressive.

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