Net Neutrality in the News

Google Using too much Bandwith: This story is getting a lot of press

Google uses 21 times more bandwidth than it pays for," charges Scott Cleland in a report issued under the aegis of Precursor, a telecom research and consulting firm. Cleland also runs, a group opposed to Net Neutrality legislation.

12/2 - The Denver Post Urges the FCC to focus on Net Neutrality

The FCC will have some serious issues before it in the coming years, including net neutrality, the Fairness Doctrine and media cross ownership.


11/21 - Henry Waxman (left), next Chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce has Network Neutrality on his agenda

Even before President-elect Barack Obama takes office, House and Senate Democrats are making sweeping changes of their own, deposing old school chairmen on key technology committees. From energy policy to network neutrality, new chairmen Henry Waxman and Jay Rockefeller lean more tech than telecom, more Silicon Valley than Rust Belt

11/14 - The Washington Post reports on AT&T and their approach to Net Neutrality

At the center of president-elect Barack Obama's technology agenda is net neutrality and access to broadband in underserved areas. And on net neutrality, it has been pretty clear where folks in the telecom industry stood.

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