Network Neutrality in Politics

Part of a Barack Obama speech from last year where he mentions network neutrality specifically.

According to Google there are some bills in front of the legislature with Net Neutrality as the topic:

Net neutrality is a major issue as the U.S. considers new telecommunications laws. The U.S. House of Representatives passed its telecommunications bill, H.R. 5252, in May, without adequate net neutrality protections. Now the fight has moved to U.S. Senate. On June 28, the Senate Commerce Committee passed its own telecom bill, S. 2686. While an amendment to the bill that would have added meaningful net neutrality safeguards failed 11-11, this tie vote marks a significant political victory and gives the effort new momentum. The debate now shifts to the full Senate, where advocates will be working to get strong net neutrality language is any bill that the Senate considers.

[] - An interesting letter to President-elect Barack Obama to not force Net Neutrality.

11/19 - President-Elect Barack Obama has appointed a pair of Net Neutrality advocates and MMOG fans to head his FCC transition team.

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