Convenient and Powerful : News Search

  • The news never sleeps
  • students have an (overwhelming) need to know these things
  • Used specialized news search tools to **monitor* the news
  • Learn about the available news tools


  • Legitimate news sources
  • Current

Desired features

  1. Response time
  2. Relevance
  3. Update speed
  4. Quality of sources

Top 3 providers

  • Yahoo! News
  • Google News
  • Altavista

Searching for news

  • Words and phrases - standard search
  • by date
  • by source
  • by source location

Special Features

  • ranking / sorting
  • about location - written in location X but is about location Y. Find news about place Y
  • RSS Feeds
  • Categories - Yahoo! does this best.
  • Photos - stories with photos in them.

Specialized news Search

  • Local News
    • News Voyager
  • Historical News
    • Google news - really the only (free) game in town.
  • International News
    • Worldnews

Will students act to keep from being overwhelmed? … you better if you want to pass this class. but it's useful in its own right and you should do it anyway

News you need is delivered to you when you need it (now). Can't pass you by

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