rss intro notes

Today is profs favorite stuff.

The basis for your term project. This is a big deal !!!


  • The internet is huge and growing at a rapid and unpredictable space
  • Students have time constraints
  • Students need to do research - get it done faster
  • Students use automated tools to manage the search process
  • Learn how to use RSS and associated tools.
  • RSS is the right technical foundation for this problem
  • RSS is a text based, XML-based standard
  • RSS is an open, relatively mature standard developed for the purpose of tracking site updates
    • 0.9*, 1.*, 2.*, Atom
  • How RSS aggregators work
    • We have the internet - which is essentially a million servers out there
    • You sit at your computer with your web browser, and you have an RSS acct name (like a bloglines account)
  • The RSS aggregator is also on the web
    • It stores your feed so that you can access it from any other computer also on the web.
  • The aggregator monitors the sites you tell it to for changes, and then collects them all in one place.
  • Having a common standard means lots of tools can be specifically written to work with it.

*Lots of relatively mature web based tools exist to help you

  • Web based feed readers are needed to get you started.
    • Bloglines is where to start.
  • Searchable feed databases exist
  • RSS feeds give you a way to multiply your own efforts!
  • RSS helps you save time
  • RSS helps you manage your attention
  • RSS improves your ability to find information


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