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Why is the Internet so infuriatingly slow?

google news search - high speed internet slow coming to rural areas

top US ISPs by membership

The End of the Internet? - Article on the repercussions of network neutrality. Turbo 10 —> [Network Neutrality] —> Internet [2]

ISPCon 08

  • So far google news has been a good source of content updates.
  • Blogs have not been nearly as fruitful as I would have originally hoped. Gathering info on ISPs is difficult because everyone hates them and loves to bitch about them. This is of little consequence to the project. Need to find a way to filter out good information from these sources, unsuccessful so far…
  • Network Neutrality is going to be a big part. Probably the biggest current issue.
    • Only place directories have been useful so far
  • Need to find out the names of major ISPs in other first world countries. Who is servicing, lets say: Canada, Australia, England
  • Deep web going to be most helpful for history (obviously). Not so good for current events (again, not a big surprise)
  • Need to decide on how technical to get and at what level
    • Need to do the most basic explanations mentioned on the start page (YES)
    • Need to go any further in description of how the internet works on a broad level (??)
    • Need to explain how then a consumer gets the internet, say in to his house? This involves ISPs so some info may be good

Compfight search for [Internet Infrastructure] —> Click on a sweet looking picture of a huge server room —> that Flickr page —> awesome NPR story

google images picture of a dragon that I thought was cool - Led to a good story about Belgian infrastructure.

web prices around the world

Hey, there's some pretty good stuff here:
youtube internet infrastructure
youtube network neutrality - pretty good political clips
trueveo infrastructure security

Silobreaker —> [internet infrastructure] —> network —> net neutrality —> quotes —>,1000000189,39541528,00.htm

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